My name is Bobby Whitmire and I'm a freelance photographer based out of the Lake Norman/Charlotte, NC area.  I began studying the art of photography towards the end of 2014, and I got serious about learning when I acquired an old Canon 35mm film camera.  From that point on I learned anything and everything I could about the subject, on my own and through classes at the college I was enrolled at.  

I started out primarily with street and urbex photography, then branched out to portraiture and concert photography.  In January of 2016 I was brought on as a photographer with an international music publication.  I have worked with local, regional, national, and international acts at venues ranging from tiny clubs to large amphitheatres.  

Photography is something that went from a hobby to a career choice for me, and I'm eager to work with new people as often as possible in order to create something wonderful.