STEFANIE + MICHAEL by Bobby Whitmire

Saturday was such an exciting day. Rachel and I joined forces and shot a wedding together! Shooting a wedding is exhilarating but getting to do it with your best friend just makes it even more fun! We can’t wait to shoot more weddings together in the future!

Stefanie & Michael’s family and friends joined them for their union at a church in Mooresville, NC. During their ceremony, they took a moment to celebrate their blended families with a unique keepsake. Together, they braided their families together to create one. It was truly a special and beautiful moment.


Their reception was decorated beautifully, the bride even made the centerpieces herself! After sharing their first dance, first meal and slicing into their delicious cake, their bridal party was invited to deliver their speeches. They wrapped up the party by dancing the night away. Congratulations to Stefanie & Michael!!!

SHANE + SABRINA by Bobby Whitmire

There’s always a first for everything. A few months ago I was approached by Shane who wanted to ask for Sabrina’s hand in marriage. Shane had devised a plan to catch Sabrina off guard and surprise her but it would require some acting on my part. She was absolutely surprised and of course, she said yes! Congratulations to Shane and Sabrina!


NEAL MEGAN + MILO by Bobby Whitmire

Fall is finally here! It was a gorgeous weekend and we stayed busy! We shot a wedding & we spent Sunday at Freedom Park with some old friends. Last year, we got some holiday shots of Neal, Megan & Milo at Jetton Park.

2017 Holiday Photos with Neal, Megan & Milo

2017 Holiday Photos with Neal, Megan & Milo

2018 Holiday Photos with Neal, Megan & Milo

2018 Holiday Photos with Neal, Megan & Milo


This year, we changed it up and met with the family of 3 at Freedom Park. The park made a beautiful backdrop for their holiday photos.


BRIANNA + JASON by Bobby Whitmire


We wrapped up September in a big way by celebrating Brianna & Jason’s wedding. Back in April of this year I got some great engagement photos of the two. We took Brianna’s bridal portraits at Vesuvius Vineyards so I already knew that 1. the venue was awesome and 2. they photograph beautifully so shooting their wedding was going to be a blast.

The pair started their days separately. Both Jason & Brianna spent some time preparing for the day with their respective bridal parties. After a few photos were taken of them getting ready, they did their first look. From there, they enjoyed their final moments as an “engaged” couple before they took to the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. Brianna and Jason were surrounded by family and friends who were all elated to be a part of their union.


Their journey as husband and wife was off to a bright start as guests sent the married couple off with sparklers. I can truly say this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences that I’ve had in my career as a photographer. A big thank you to Jason & Brianna for being so wonderful! We wish them the very best!


WE HAVE A NEW TEAM MEMBER! by Bobby Whitmire

We’ve been quite busy here at Whitmire Photography, LLC. First and foremost, please take note of the LLC! We are officially official! Another big addition is the highly anticipated birth of my son! Last year, Rachel and I announced to our family and closest friends that we were expecting. Of course, we were beyond excited when we found out it was a boy.. now we have one of each! Owen made his grand entrance two weeks early. Rachel & Owen were both happy and healthy. We could not have asked for an easier or better experience!

Welcome to the world, little guy!

Welcome to the world, little guy!

7 pounds and 14.5 ounces, 20 inches and one giant dimple of healthy baby!

7 pounds and 14.5 ounces, 20 inches and one giant dimple of healthy baby!

Georgia is so excited to be a big sister!

Georgia is so excited to be a big sister!


9/23/2016 Black lives matter. by Bobby Whitmire

On September 20th, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott was sitting in his vehicle when CMPD officers, looking to serve a warrant on another individual, encountered Scott.  The encounter would result in the murder of Scott, and an eruption of anger across the city.

That night protesters took to the streets in the university to express their anger.  Emotions ran high as protesters faced police and things turned violent, with CMPD firing teargas at the protesters that had blocked traffic, and eventually sending in SWAT to clear the area out.

The following evening, protesters once again took to the streets, this time in the heart of uptown Charlotte.  Once again, protests turned violent as agitators saw the protests as an excuse to cause chaos.  Despite efforts by protesters to drive the instigators out, things spiraled out of control again as riot police used force against the crowd resulting in arrests and the death of protester Justin Carr.

Protests have taken place every night and day since then, but the tone has completely changed.  There has been nothing but peace and acceptance from all protesters as they continue to demand justice.  Rallies and protests have become very organized and goal oriented.  People from all walks of life have come together to work towards the common goal of seeking justice.  Having grown up just outside of Charlotte, this incident has hit close to home.  I have very strong personal views towards police, and the lack of police accountability in America, so these protests are something that I have taken a strong interest in.  Through my somewhat hectic schedule I've been able to make it to Charlotte once to attend the protests.  Seeing the sense of community and the way everyone has come together has really shown how incredible the city of Charlotte is.

"What we know, and what you should know about him is that he was an American citizen who deserved better." - Ray Dotch, Scott's brother-in-law.