Micaela + Piper / by Bobby Whitmire

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If you’ve never been to West Jefferson, NC, we highly recommend you change that ASAP. This hidden gem of a town has mountains, rivers, sunflower fields, corn fields, and a downtown area overflowing with beautiful lighting and artwork. If that isn’t enough to bring you in, there’s a cheese factory that you can tour!

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We would have never known any of this existed if it weren’t for our new client, Micaela.

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We met Micaela at her salon Saturday afternoon and followed her and her daughter, Piper, to a sunflower field. After getting some beautiful shots of them in the fields, we headed back to town to wrap up.

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Some of our favorite photos from this session are shots of Micaela and Piper from outside of her salon. Being a small business owner with kids ourselves, we know how much of her heart and soul she has poured into her salon and we were so excited to capture her with two of her favorite things.