SHANE + SABRINA by Bobby Whitmire

There’s always a first for everything. A few months ago I was approached by Shane who wanted to ask for Sabrina’s hand in marriage. Shane had devised a plan to catch Sabrina off guard and surprise her but it would require some acting on my part. She was absolutely surprised and of course, she said yes! Congratulations to Shane and Sabrina!


BRIANNA + JASON by Bobby Whitmire


We wrapped up September in a big way by celebrating Brianna & Jason’s wedding. Back in April of this year I got some great engagement photos of the two. We took Brianna’s bridal portraits at Vesuvius Vineyards so I already knew that 1. the venue was awesome and 2. they photograph beautifully so shooting their wedding was going to be a blast.

The pair started their days separately. Both Jason & Brianna spent some time preparing for the day with their respective bridal parties. After a few photos were taken of them getting ready, they did their first look. From there, they enjoyed their final moments as an “engaged” couple before they took to the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. Brianna and Jason were surrounded by family and friends who were all elated to be a part of their union.


Their journey as husband and wife was off to a bright start as guests sent the married couple off with sparklers. I can truly say this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences that I’ve had in my career as a photographer. A big thank you to Jason & Brianna for being so wonderful! We wish them the very best!